Is The Alkaline Diet Plan Right For You?

Have you ever wondered about how our diets today differ from those of people living thousands of years ago? How have the changes made in our diets affected the overall health of the human race? People who practice and study the Alkaline Diet Plan have given this matter a great deal of thought and consideration. Their careful research into the changes in our diet has lead to some very unique conclusions and fascinating discoveries.

For centuries people subsisted on a diet that contained a nearly perfect pH balance. The foods high in alkaline they eat balanced out those foods that were acidic. People ate food that was 100% unprocessed until the point in history when agricultural equipment and grinding machines were invented. People then began eating more and more foods that were acidic because they were eating more and more food that had been processed. As time went on man discovered salt and sugar and suddenly they were holding a recipe for a very unhealthy lifestyle.

Many people over the years who have had a desire to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle have had success following an alkaline diet plan. Folks who follow the plan discovered after just a few months they had renewed energy, a sense of well being, freedom from arthritis and joint pain, and a very substantial weight loss. Often, when these dieters report to their doctors, the doctors are amazed at their renewed health and lower body weight.

Many folks are now convinced that diets high in acidic foods are responsible for several critical diseases including obesity, diabetes and cancer. Now it is true that not everyone is agreement on this, but it is also true that there is much evidence that indicates cancer cells grow more favorably in an acidic environment. One of the best ways to combat the negative affects of acidic foods is by following an alkaline diet plan.

Your body has numerous systems and each has its own unique pH. Generally speaking, within a 24-hour period the internal chemical environment of the body changes over from a weak acid to a weak base. Usually you will have the most acid at dawn and the least at sunset. These changes occur over a curve.

Your goal is a pH less than 7.0. This will provide an optimal environment for the activity of your nerves, neurotransmitters (such as adrenaline) and hormones. In this pH, the stored acidic wastes are dissolved into a liquid form and then excreted as waste.

An alkaline diet consists mainly of fresh vegetables and fruits. These foods produce alkaline residues that are quickly metabolized by the body. Meats such as pork and beef, along with dairy products, are higher in acid and therefore should be consumed in minimal amounts.

Planning your meals ahead of time is a good practice. It is important to have a list of priority foods when making out your daily diet plan. Yes, making a daily diet plan takes time — especially at first. Once you do it, however, you will find it is very worthwhile because it will help you get memorize the acceptable food list as well as learn the fundamentals a balanced daily diet plan. As you do this each day, the job will become quicker and easier.

Following the alkaline diet plan is really quite simple. Your meals will be made up largely of fruits, vegetables, tubers, legumes and nuts. Truth be known, success on the alkaline diet plan has as much to do with what you do not eat. Simply put, you will eliminate foods high in sugar and starches, foods that are heavily processed, caffeine and alcohol. It should be noted there are a few fruits and vegetables that are fairly acidic and should be eaten sparingly.

Being on an alkaline diet plan does not mean that you will not ever eat high acid foods. In fact your body should be kept in balance, which means some acidic foods must be consumed. The correct balance is 20 to 25-percent acidic foods and 75 to 80-percent alkaline foods.

When you follow an alkaline diet plan, the foods you eat will neutralize the acids in your system and return your body to a proper pH balance.

Let’s take a look at an alkaline diet plan menu:


  • grab-and-go-breakfasts-oatmeal-eggs-ssOatmeal with fresh blueberries, one soft-boiled egg, toasted almonds, organic rice milk or whole milk.


  • A sliced orange, one-fourth of an avocado sprinkled with balsamic vinegar


  • Lentil soup and one apple


  • Handful of trail mix, including: dried coconut, toasted nuts, dried apricot and mango


  • Roasted chicken, roasted sweet potatoes, roasted Brussels sprouts garnished with roasted red peppers; Mixed greens with a dressing of olive oil and vinegar

Understanding the importance of maintaining the proper pH will really motivate you to choose the right foods when making your daily diet plan. When your pH balance is correct all of your cells work smoothly and perform their functions well.

Alkaline diet foods are very easy to stick to. In reality, they take us back to a simpler time when there were no complicated recipes or packaged foods. There are very few foods on the priority list that you will not be able to find in your local grocery store.

Once you have been on the alkaline diet for a period of time you will notice distinct improvements in the way you feel. Many report their skin clears up, they lose weight and the no longer suffer from aches and pains in their joints. You will definitely notice an increase in energy.

Even more important is what is going on inside of you. Your body is a wonderfully designed engine — feed it properly and it will purr like a kitten. An alkaline diet is a very natural way to avoid many serious diseases such as diabetes, hypertension and even cancer.

So if you are serious about losing weight and following a healthier life style, the alkaline diet plan is a perfect place to start!